Diffraction Technology also offers Service, Maintenance, Training and consulting in the fields of X-ray Powder Diffraction and all its applications. We have experience in Mineralogy, Texture, Residual Stress and Quantitative analysis.

Diffraction Technology also offers

  • Installation of X-ray Analytical Equipment
  • Service of X-ray Analytical Equipment
  • Maintenance of X-ray Analytical Equipment
  • Training and consulting in X-ray analysis and all its applications.
  1. X-ray Powder Diffraction – Mineralogy, Texture, Residual Stress and Quantitative analysis plus re-automation of Powder diffractometers
  2. X-ray Fluorescence – Energy Dispersive and Wavelength Dispersive
  3. X-ray microradiography – low and high kV
  4. Special systems


GBC Scientific Equipment Pty. Ltd.
2-4 Lakewood Blvd, Braeside VIC Australia

AXO Dresden GmbH
Winterbergstrasse 28 D-01277 Dresden, Germany

XOS X-ray Optical Systems Inc.
15 Tech Valley Drive East, Greenbush NY 12061 U.S.A.

ICDD International Center for Diffraction Data
12 Campus Blvd., Newtown Square, PA 19073-3273 U.S.A.

SIROQUANT—Sietronics Pty. Ltd.
11 Cheney Place, Mitchell, ACT 2911 Australia

1-3 Allée du Nanomètre
38 000 Grenoble, France